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This set of cards contains learning tasks from various areas of photography. The focus of the tasks lies in searching for, recognizing, and documenting subjects in the public space (e.g. on the street). Completing the tasks will help you take better, more interesting photos by focusing on one particular topic at a time.

Here’s how it works: Divide the 10 knowledge cards from the 40 task cards, shuffle both stacks, and draw one card from each. The combination of the two cards is your photography challenge. The knowledge cards (W) provide information on the basics of image composition. The task cards (A) show a sample photo for inspiration and the task to be completed.

Beginners can start by drawing only a task card and completing this task without people in the image.

Good street photography however is all about people and authentic moments. Be brave and try to capture these moments. But above all: be open to experimenting and having fun.

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